Deuteros: The Next Millenium - Remake Journal

Update : Eye surgery

Mar 272017

Exactly a week ago I had eye surgery. It went really well but my eyes do need some time to recuperate. At the moment I can not stare at a screen for prolonged amounts of time. As a result I have not booked any progress on the game. It will probably take a few more weeks to get to the point where I feel comfortable enough to continue the project. Personally I can not wait to start programming again!


Olli08 April 2017I wish you well with your eyes and hope that you can continue working on Deuteros. I just loved that game in my youth on the Amiga. So I would love to play a working remake. Sadly I have no clue about programming or I would offer some help.
Gaz03 May 2017Hey, rest well ! Can't wait for an update on the remake, but your health is way more important. :)
Diva Ex Machina04 May 2017Glad to hear your surgery went well and that you're making progress. Deuteros was one of my favourite games as a child so I'd love to be able to play it again. I hope you succeed with your project.
Gambitason (Project Leader) 08 May 2017Thanks for the support. Because of the big adjustment to my eyes I had a lot more problems with my eyes then people would normally have. For a long time I had only clear vision in one eye and had the hardest time concentrating on a book or the PC screen. I am glad to report that this is the first week my eyes don't hurt all the time and my left eye is finally getting better. I can't wait myself to start working on the project again and hope I can start next week.
Olli07 June 2017just don't go back to fast...take your time to rest up
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