Deuteros: The Next Millenium - Remake Journal

Progress so far

Feb 242017

Started on the basics and made the arrays that are needed to make everything work in the game. Over 33000 data points so far :)

I used the GFX from my previous versions and I have started to write the code to make everything work. My intention is to make everything available and after I have that finished I will start adding in the Methanoid/Pirate threat and the steps necessary to actually play the game.

The progress so far. Focus is on the Research Bay at the moment and after that I will be focusing on the Production Bay.

Game function Progress
Data Arrays 99%
Into Animation 100%
Shuttle Bay 75%
Training Bay 65%
Resource view 100%
Research Bay 85%
Timer 60%
Options 60%
Production Bay 0%
Miningstore 0%
News Bulletins 0%
Master Control 0%
Deposit Analyzer 0%
Stocktaker 0%
Star Selector 0%
Shuttle Cockpit 0%
IOS Cockpit 0%
Orbital Production 0%
Orbital stores 0%
Matter Transmitter 0%
Space Dock 0%

I will be adding a link to the HTML version of the game. It won't be very good in the beginning but it will be updated whenever I can.