Deuteros: The Next Millenium - Remake Journal

Website under attack!

Last week I noticed thousands of comments to the blog posts. They all where from spammers unfortunately.

I disabled and removed all comments on previous post.

I will re enable posts on this news item but will moderate them to make sure this doesn't happen again.


The download section was also being accessed constantly and maxing out available bandwidth. To counter this I had to change the download section and there is an extra step and captcha to download files.

I apologize to those people who made genuine comments on the website and I promise to try to restore the comments if it is at all possible.

EDIT: The attacks seem to have lessened to such an extend that I have re-enabled comments and restored most of the comments. If your comment is missing I apologies.


Update Deuteros Alpha V0.2.01

I finally finished importing all the GFX!

The placement of all the text and GFX are updated and I basically am at the point that I was a month back and can start continuing the development of the game. 

I did notice that after a month of not programming that I did not remember where everything was and why I did certain things. It showed me the importance of good documentation. I was able to fill in the blank spots and update the documents so I'm very happy about that.

I put a new release in the download section with the following updates:

  • All GFX and text are now in the game and all the locations on screen have been updated.
  • The options screen has been updated.
  • The ESC key no longer exits the game but opens the options screen.
  • The Deuteros logo screen has been updated with a remake logo.


Update Deuteros Alpha V0.2.00

I decided to release an updated version even though it isn't at the point I would like it to be.

Most GFX are now updated but not everything is in the correct place. I especially had a hard time rebuilding the shuttle bay. I had to rewrite most functions and while I was looking over other code I decided to make them more efficient.

Not only have I replaced all the GFX that where already in the remake but I added all the other GFX I still had to put in. Most of my hard work can't be seen yet but it will make development a lot faster in the future.

This version has the original logo and all its animations. If you get to it just let it run for a few minutes and you will see what I mean :)

The aim for the next version is an early playable game to the point you can have the first space station of Earth. I already put all the data and functions in place to make it and all other space stations functional. The next step is to build Interplanetary ships and make other space stations. 

check out the download section for the new version.

All is quiet but not forgotten

It has been quiet on my part for the last month because of work and vacation :) It's always strange to see that work becomes most busy just before a vacation. I went on a fantastic holiday to Curaçao and had a good time. Cocktails and sun have done me great good. as you can imagine programming the game was not possible during this time. 

The good news is that I am well rested and still have some vacation time and I intend to invest time in advancing the Deuteros remake.

Expect an update soon :)


Progress so far on the GFX

The new version is not ready yet but I wanted to inform everyone of my progress so far.

I decided to start at the beginning because I'm in the progress of re-ripping all the GFX and sound. The first screen with the animations and sounds of the Deuteros logo is finished. The next version will have the Deuteros logo in all it's splendor. :)

At the moment I am in the process of re-ripping all the screens in the game it self. Its long and boring work but with great results. So far the main screen is done and the animations of the timer,options screen and earth are finished. I hope to finish all the other GFX soon so that I can publish the next update. 

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